Redwood National Park

(2 Miles)

Experience the majesty of the redwoods that are taller than any other trees in the world. Stroll through magnificent groves and lose yourself in the serenity of these ancient giants when you visit Redwood National Park which is over 60 miles in length. It stretches over 75,452 acres with 19,640 acres of old growth forest. Follow Howland Hill Road, a beautiful drive which follows the historic stagecoach routes to Oregon. Stop at magical Stout Grove an outstanding grove of old growth redwoods where you will find the 345 foot tall Stout Tree, one of the largest in the Park. Visit Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, the setting in the Star Wars saga, Return of the Jedi, or just enjoy any of the many magnificent hikes or mountain biking trails.

Battery Point Lighthouse Tours

(5 Miles)

First lit with oil lamps in 1856, Battery Point Lighthouse is the oldest working lighthouse in California and can be accessed by foot at low tide.

Smith River

(5 Miles)

This river’s emerald waters and soaring canyon walls comprise one of the largest wild and scenic rivers in America. This spectacular river is located in the Smith River National Recreation Area, a 305,000 acre region that offers access to swimming, hiking, picnicking, kayaking, whitewater rafting and steelhead and salmon fishing.

Bigfoot Hunting

Also known as Sasquatch, the Bigfoot Trail (not for the casual hiker) takes hikers through scenic areas like Red Buttes Wilderness. (Infrared cameras not supplied)

Local Beaches

Many miles of secluded beaches await you here in Del Norte County. Surf fishing is generally excellent, and there are more than a few “agate” beaches, where you can spend many hours sifting for agates. We also have great surf!

Ocean World

(5 Miles)

Journey beneath the ocean as you participate in a guided tour of Northwest marine life. Enjoy performing sea lions, touch a starfish and pet a live baby shark at Ocean World.

Del Norte Historical Society Museum

(5 Miles)

Located at 577 H Street in Crescent City, Del Norte Historical Society Museum features local Yurok and Tolowa Indian artifacts, a research facility, as well as logging and mining equipment. It is also the home of the original Fresnel lens from the Point St. George Lighthouse.

Lake Earl Wildlife Area

(5 Miles)

The marshes, dunes and lakes of this 5,000 acre State Park provide habitats for over 250 species of birds. Hiking trails offer excellent vantage points for bird watching or just plain wandering around surrounded by beauty.


(5-17 Miles)

From the last Saturday in November to July 30th it’s Crabbing season in Del Norte County! You can rent crab pots locally in Crescent City.


(6 Miles)

Experience the excitement of a 90 foot waterslide at the Fred Endert Municipal Swimming Pool in Crescent City. Open to the public at various times throughout the day.


(6-11 Miles)

Elk Valley Casino
2500 Howland Hill Road, Crescent City
Phone: 707-464-1020

Lucky 7 Casino
350 N Indian Road, Smith River
Phone: 707-487-7777

Tolowa Dunes State Park

(5 Miles)

Tolowa Dunes State Park takes in some of the finest wetlands habitat on Californias northern coast. An ancient sand dune complex that has evolved into several distinct ecological communities, Tolowa Dunes encompasses ocean beach, river, open and vegetated sand dunes, wooded ridges, and wetlands. A diverse assortment of birds, animals and plant life thrive here, and the area serves as an important stopover on the Pacific flyway for thousands of migrating ducks, geese and swans.

Golf Courses

(5-17 Miles)

Salmon Run, 99040 South Bank Chetco River Road, Brookings, Oregon 97415, Phone: 877-423-1234 Fax: 541-469-4889

Del Norte Golf Course, 130 Club Drive, Crescent City, CA 95531, Phone: 707-458-3214, 9 holes, semiprivate

Eagle’s Nest Golf Course, 22112 Klamath River Road, Klamath River, CA 96050, Phone: 530-465-2424, 9 holes, public

Kings Valley Golf Course, 3030 Lesina Road, Crescent City, CA 95531, Phone: 707-464-2886, 9 holes, semiprivate

Marine Mammal Center

(5 Miles)

Observe seals and sea lions during a self guided tour in this one of three mammal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers in California. Learn how these mammals are rehabilitated prior to their release back to their natural habitat.


(5-17 Miles)

Fish for Salmon, Steelhead, crab and rock fish all in our local rivers and ocean.

Smith River:
The best times for Salmon and Steelhead Trout are January - March
With special regulations you can fish for Cut-Throat Trout in late April - November
For Chinook Salmon, the peak season is October – January

Klamath River:
For Chinook Salmon, fish the Spring Run (May - July), the Fall Run (August - September) or the Winter Run (October - December)

Bottom Fishing/Ocean Fishing:
In May - September it’s Salmon season! Make sure to check with the local fish and game rules for exact dates. And May - December, fish for Black Snapper, Blue Snapper, Ling Cod, Sea Trout and Cabazon

During some seasons you can troll for Albacore and Salmon. Check with your guide.

Trees of Mystery

(18 Miles)

Trees of Mystery has 8/10ths of a mile of groomed interpretive trails through the awe-inspiring Redwoods of Northern California. The trail, museum and gift shop are geared toward the family or group traveler.The SkyTrail gondola takes you on an unforgettable journey through the forest at heights up to 136 feet. Visit the largest Paul Bunyan in the world. At nearly 5 stories tall, weighing 15 tons he took 4 years to build. Enjoy a journey into the lives of the first Americans by visiting the End of the Trail Museum. The museum features the largest private collection of Native American artifacts, showcased by the actual clothing, pottery, baskets, weapons and tools of this culture.

The trail is open and maintained year-round.

River Jet Boat Tours

(20-45 Miles)

Klamath River Jet Boat Tours

Jerry’s Rogue Jets

Elk Viewing and Bird Watching

Admire Roosevelt Elk at Elk Prairie; watch the many beautiful birds at Lake Earl Wildlife Reserve.

Fern Canyon

(50 Miles)

Hike into beautiful Fern Canyon at Gold Bluff Beach.

Touring the Redwood Coast

Hiking trails – scenic drives – historic attractions. This is the land of the Yurok and Tolowa Tribes, home of the historic Battery Point Lighthouse, gateway to Smith River National Recreation Area, Redwood National and State Parks, Tolowa Dunes State Park, Lake Earl Wildlife Area, and portal to wilderness areas, the scenic Oregon coast with history reaching back to the California and Oregon gold rush.

Some pictures courtesy of savetheredwoods.org. Please visit them to learn about these amazing areas and the Redwoods Forests.


Enjoy a variety of hikes in the majestic Redwood National Forest or along the beautiful Pacific Coast. We have assembled numerous self-guided tours using written directions. These tours will take you to the best trails for discovering and viewing the magical old growth Redwood Forests of northern California. We also have self-guided tours for hiking the dunes in the Lake Earl Wildlife area.


Bike on one of the many trails in the Redwood National Forest or along our pristine beaches.

Banana Bike Rental

Rent the Banana Bikes to ride through the campground!

Tour Thru Tree

(20 Miles)

Drive, bike or walk through this 700 year old living redwood tree, one of the earth’s natural wonders.

Oregon Caves

(68 Miles)

Plan a day trip to the magnificent “Marble Halls of Oregon” decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, columns, flowstone and draperies. Proclaimed a national monument in 1909 the Oregon Caves National Monument has remained a geological wonder for all the experience.

Candle Light Cave Tours – summers only
During weekends in the summer, the last tour of the day is conducted by candle light. This gives visitors a chance to see what early explorers of the cave might have seen as they went from room to room with a candle.

Sunsets and Harbor

Enjoy breathtaking coastal sunsets.

Horseback Riding

Crescent City Trail Rides, located in Crescent City, California, offers rides in the Tolowa Dunes State Park and Mill Creek area of the Redwood National and State Parks, ranging from beach to redwood forest. 707-951-5407

Hawk’s Rest Ranch offers trail rides on this pioneer homestead located in Gold Beach, Oregon. Beach rides are also available. 541-247-6423

Redwood Creek Buckarettes is located in Orick, California, and offer guided horseback rides into the Redwood National Park. 707-499-2943

Summer Festivals and Fairs

Various festivals and the annual Del Norte County Fair calendar of events can be viewed and printed at delnorte.org.

Crescent City Farmer’s Market

Held in the Del Norte County Fairgrounds parking lot, the Crescent City Farmers Market will run every week 9:00am  1:00pm from June 6th to October 31st. The only exception is the Saturday of the Del Norte County Fair, which is August 8th. For more information, call 707-464-7441.

Del Norte County Information

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